Baby Showers

Baby Showers

Tale as old as time, right? You’ve likely heard the story, and almost certainly seen the movie — as a child and now, possibly with your own children. So anyone would agree that reliving the story of Beauty and the Beast is a happy family affair, oui?

For our baby shower, we found inspiration in two beloved characters who befit the mother-child theme: Mrs. Potts and Chip. The Motherly Mrs. Potts and her perky (if not lovably naive) son Chip become the focal point of this tea party. Our table is steeped in grown-up glamour: dressed in buttery yellow linens, a modern tea set, gold flatware, and royal blue napkins. And now, we invite you to relax, let us pull up a chair, as we proudly present… your baby shower.

This can be your story and anything less than perfection can ruin that, you don’t want your babies watching their shower videos and being like “ooof” when they can go like “awwnn”.

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